Safety &

Peace of Mind

Here to Protect and to Serve 24/7

The Liliuokalani Security Team provides much more than merely security services.  Of course they do patrol the grounds, keep surveillance on the parking garage and generally insure that everything is operating as it should across the property, but they also operate almost like a kind of concierge service.

If you need to pick up a package in the Resident Manager’s office, the Watchman on duty can help;  If you wish to reserve a tennis court or barbeque, the Watchman is the one to call;  Locked yourself out?…the duty Watchman can help; If you are being disturbed by noise, smells or any other problem caused by your neighbors, your Watchman on duty will investigate and try to solve the problem.

The 24/7 schedule maintained by our Security Team insures that you have someone who can help with any issue or emergency.  Access to a 24/7 Watchman is one of the most valuable amenities available to Liliuokalani Gardens residents.  No matter what happens, your Watchman on duty will be able to find an answer.