If the Answer to Your Question Isn’t Here… Call 926.3636

Q: As a new resident, what should I know?

First you should register yourself as a new resident so that you can fully enjoy all that Lili’uokalani Gardens has to offer.  Register by filling out a green Registration Card which you can pick up at the office (8am-10am or 3pm-4pm M-F) or get from the Residential Specialist (808.926-1924). Alternatively you can register on the website (home page, green button).

Then register to use the website.  By becoming a “Member” of the website you can pay bills online using your credit card, reserve tennis courts, BBQs, pool pavilion and more.

Read or download a copy of the House Rules from the website (“Resource Center” then “House Rules & Bylaws”).

Review the website to learn about all the amenities and services that Lili’uokalani Gardens has to offer.

Visit the office if you wish to get a parking stall, storage space, store a bike, surfboard or lockbox, get a private gardens barrel or for other assistance.



Q: Is Cable TV and Internet included?

Lili’uokalani Gardens has negotiated a cable TV and internet package on your behalf through SPECTRUM.  The cost is charged through to owners on a monthly basis.

The cable TV service includes Community TV Platinum with 16,000 channels (12,000 are free) including OC16, High School sports, Skin Diver, Ultimate Japan, etc. plus Spectrum OC Sports Enhanced, Scenic Hawaii and more.  The service includes an HD CPE box with DVR Service for 300+ channels as well as STARZ, ENCORE and EPIX premium channels.

Also included is Spectrum UltraInternet  includes a router and modem with ultra-high-speed 400/20 mg/sec download and upload speeds respectively as well as access to 5,200 Wifi hotspots in Hawaii and over 500K nationwide.  You also have access to >60 apps including Spectrum TV, ESPN, CNN, etc.

Call Spectrum to get your service activated at 888.345.7139




Q: How can I sign up to use the Electrical Vehicle (EV) Chargers?

Our EV chargers are managed through EverCharge.  To use the EV chargers it is necessary to register with EverCharge.  They will then send you a card that will allow you to activate the chargers.  To sign up either visit EverCharge at:  www.EverCharge.net/signup or you can call 888-342-7383.  If you wish to email EverCharge with any questions or concerns you can reach them at; Support@EverCharge.net.  The fee to charge you vehicle is currently $0.50/KWh which, depending on the vehicle, will result in a charge of around $3.50/hour of charging.   We allow up to 4 hours of charging which, depending on the vehicle, should provide around 100-120 miles of driving.  The cost for using the EV charger at LG is $0.50/kwh (as of October 2022 but electricity rates are rising).

Q: Is it necessary to notify the Resident Manager if my contact info changes?

All residents of the Liliuokalani Gardens are required to provide the Resident Manager with various contact details including; telephone number, email address, billing address, emergency contact numbers, property management contact numbers, any vehicle license numbers and descriptions, etc.   If any of your information changes, please let the Resident Manager know by sending an email to; LiliuokalaniOffice@gmail.com or droping a note off at the Resident Manager’s office.   Please also inform the office if you move out of Liliuokalani Gardens so that you will not continue accruing charges for services you may have used.

Q: Can I play tennis without a reservation?

Yes, if the tennis court is not otherwised reserved or engaged, you can use it until a resident holding a reservation arrives.  If you want to insure uninterruped play, then we recommend that you make a reservation through the website (“Requests” then “Tennis Court Reservation”).  If you have already used up the one-hour per day that you are allowed by reservation, you can still continue playing as long as someone else, holding a reservation doesn’t show up.

Q: How can I reserve time on the tennis courts?

Any resident can reserve a tennis court 24 hours in advance for up to one hour (from the top of the hour) once per day.  To reserve a tennis court please go to “Requests” then “Tennis Court Reservations”.  If you have any problems you can contact Security at 808.926.1924. Note that the House Rules prohibit residents from giving paid lessons on the tennis courts.  Security is authorized to question players to verify that no paid lessons are being given.

Q: Are Tennis Lessons allowed on the tennis courts?

Except as otherwise prevented due to covid related guest restrictions, you may RECEIVE tennis lessons either free or paid.  However, you cannot GIVE tennis lessons for payment.  The House Rule prohibit the use of the tennis courts (or the pool) for commercial purposes.

Q: Can I use a barbecue without a reservation?

Yes, the gas grill (#4) on left on the Ala Wai Blvd. side of the King Tower, is a “Grill-and-Go” barbecue.  This grill is not available for reservation, but rather, is a “first-come-first-use” BBQ.  Even if someone is sitting at the adjacent table, if they are not using the BBQ, then its free for you or anyone else to use.

Q: Can I reserve a BBQ area for a specific event?

Lili’uokalani Gardens has three charcoal barbeques (under the Hau tree, in front of the Pool Pavilion and behind the Pool Pavilion) and two gas grills (both next to the King Tower by Ala Wai Blvd.) available for the use of its residents.

The three charcoal BBQs must be reserved through Security in order to use them.  The gas closest to the corner of Ala Wai Blvd and Wai Nani Way (#5) must also be reserved online to use it.  If you have a party at Gas BBQ #5 with 7 or more people, you can let Security know that you would like the second picnic table reserved as well.

The gas BBQ #4 on the left (Ewa side) is available cannot be reserved and is a “grill-and-go” BBQ – you can use it if it is free.

Any of the BBQs that require reservations can be reserved up to a week in advance for up to four hours at no charge.  If you wish to reserve a BBQ, please go to “Requests” and  “Barbecue Reservation”.  The default time is 1-hour… to add more time click the box “Extra” and then the + sign to add up to 3 hours more for a total maximum of 4 hours.  If you have difficulty please call Security at 808.926.1924.  Please be sure to brush off the gas grill after use using the wire brush found in the cabinet under the grill.

Q: How do I work the gas grill?

To use the gas grills, first open the red valve found on the gas supply line (several inches above the ground near the BBQ) by aligning the red valve with the gas supply pipe.  Then open the small stainless steel door found on the concrete pillar and twist the timer clockwise to a time greater than your expected cooking time (such as all the way).  With the cover closed, turn all the burners on full (red line in the 9 o’clock position).  Then immediately press the igniter button (found to the left of the burner control knobs).  You will hear a clicking sound. Continue holding down the ignition button until you hear the burners ignite.  If the burners do not ignite within around 7 seconds, let go of the igniter button and open the door to allow the gas to dissipate.  Check that the valve is open and the timer is turned on clockwise.  Try again.  If the BBQ still doesn’t ignite call Security for assistance (808.926.1924).  Be sure to brush off the grill after use (wire brushes are found inside the cabinet).  If you have any difficulties, please call Security at 808.926.1924.

Q: Is there storage space available for bikes and surfboards?

We have a secure “Bike-Cage” on the ground floor of the parking garage (Ewa-side).  Both bikes and surfboard storage is available in the Bike Cage (subject to availability).  The cost for each bike or each surfboard stored in the Bike-Cage is $40/year.

Alternatively, you can also store bicycles in your parking stall with your automobile for no additional cost, if you wish.

We also have secure outdoor surfboard storage behind the Queen Tower on the Paoakalani Street side adjacent to the parking garage.  This storage area can accommodate surfboards of all lengths, SUP boards and even kayaks and canoes.


Q: How can I reserve the pool pavilion?

To reserve the pool pavillion, please go to “Requests” and “Pool Pavilion Reservation”.  The Pool pavilion can be reserved for up to six hours. The first four hours are $50.  Each additional hour up to six hours is an extra $10/hour.   To reserve, go to reservations.  The reservation process will direct you to Paypal where you can pay for the reservation online using your credit or debit card.  All payments for the pool pavilion are non-refundable.  Additional charges could apply for damaged or missing items or if the pavilion is not left in the condition in which it was provided.

Q: How can I pay my monthly Association Dues?

Your association dues are paid directly to our property management company; Touchstone Properties. You can pay by check to:

Touchstone Properties
Attn: Chester Reeves #239
680 Iwilei Rd., Suite 777
Honolulu, HI  96817

Any checks mailed to Touchstone Properties should include your name and unit number.  In the memo section write; “Dues for (month), Liliuokalani Gardens #239”.

A more convenient option is to set up automatic bill pay with Touchstone Properties.  You can download the form from the Resource Center under “forms” or visit the Resident Manager’s office to pick up a form.

Q: Is there a place I can store my bicycle?

There is a secure area on the Ewa side of the first floor of the parking structure available for bike storage, we call it the “Bike Cage”.  You can store your bike(s) $40/each which covers your bike storage until the end of the calendar year.  You can pay for bike storage under “Pay Bills” and you can register your bike under “Requests” and “Bicycle Registration”.  If you have a parking space, you can also store your bike in front of your car in the parking space.  See the Resident Manager to get your key fob programed for access into the bike cage.

Q: How can I get a parking space?

If you are new to the Liliuokalani Gardens, please contact the Resident Manager at 808.926.3636 to get a parking space. The fee is $280/year or $180/quarter.  We will need a copy of your automobile registration and proof of insurance for our records. If you have a space and wish to have a different space, please go to “Requests” and “Parking Space Change Request” and fill out the form.

Q: Is parking for motorcycles available?

Parking spaces are scarce but we will do our best to find you a place.  Please contact the Resident Manager’s office at 808.926.3636 to arrange for motorcycle parking.  The cost is $260/year or $90/quarter.  We will need a copy of your motorcycle registration and proof of insurance for our records once we identify a space for you.  You can also park your motorcycle along with your car if you rent an automobile parking stall.  However, your car cannot extend beyond the lines more than 24″.

Q: Can I smoke in my apartment?

Technically, yes, you can smoke in your apartment.  However, the House Rules stipulate that your smoke must not enter other apartments where it would bother your neighbors.  Experience teaches us that to avoid having smoke bother you neighbors when smoking in your apartment, you would need to take, at least, the following steps:

  • Install a door sweep.
  • Keep your windows closed when smoking and until your apartment is aired out.
  • Turn on your bathroom fan to draw the air out the vent stack.
  • Use one or more air purifiers to filter your room air and try to exhale your smoke into the filter intake.

If you apply these measures, you may be able to get by smoking in your unit without complaints from your neighbors.  However, if it appears that it is impossible to smoke in your apartment without bothering your neighbors, then you will need to smoke outside.


Q: Where can I smoke?

You can smoke in your unit* or in one of the two designated outdoor smoking areas.

The outdoor smoking areas are:

  • Under the Hau tree arbor at the three tables on the Paoakalani side of the property between the pool and the Queen Tower.
  • At the seating and table on the Ala Wai Blvd side of the pool pavilion or behind the pool pavilion.

*You can smoke in your unit as long as the smoke does not enter other units and disturb other residents.  We have found that when smokers smoke with their windows open, it often does result in complaints from neighbors either above, below or to the side.  Therefore, it is suggested that you smoke outside as much as possible, or when smoking in your unit, you close the windows and turn on the bathroom fan.

If you anticipate smoking in your unit on a regular basis, you may wish to consider installing an under-door seal (sometimes called a “door sweep”, “skirt”, “brush” or “excluder”).  Also please consider using a personal air filter such as a “Smoke Buddy” and one or more HEPA air filter(s).

Unwanted smoke entering other units is the number-one complaint at the Liliuokalani Gardens and is prohibited under our House Rules.

Q: Where do I pick up packages?

The Postman will either leave a key for the postal lockers in your mail box, or for oversized parcels, he will leave a slip which you can turn in to the Resident Manager or the Security Watchman to pick up your parcel in the Resident Manager’s office.  The parcel lockers are in the parking garage, ground floor, Ewa-side near the bike cage.  UPS, Fedex and some Amazon deliveries get delivered right to your door.  If there is no slip in your box, then there is no package for you in the Resident Manager’s office (note that often Amazon will tell you that the package has been delivered before it actually shows up here.

Q: How can I get a key fob?

To get a key fob, please see the Resident Manager.  The cost is $50 per fob (note that this is a purchase price, not a deposit).  If you have questions about your key fob please call the Resident Manager’s office at 808.926.3636.  You will be able to pay for your new fob by either check delivered to the Resident Manager or by clicking “Pay Bills” and “Key Fob”.

Note that the $50 is the purchase price of the fob, not a deposit.  There are no refunds for fobs returned to the office.

Q: Is there a place where I can store my surfboard?

Yes.  We have surfboard racks available in the secure bike cage (ground floor of the parking garage – Ewa side).  Surfboards can be stored for $40/each for each calendar year (or part thereof).  Please see the Resident Manager to arrange to have a surfboard stored.  You may wish to call first to see if there is storage space available 808.926.3636.   There is also secure surfboard, SUP board and kayak storage available outside (adjacent to the moped parking area) which can be rented for $60/space for boards or $120/space for kayaks and canoes.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a complaint or a problem?

Of course, if you are experiencing an emergency, such as a health problem, call 911.

If you have a complaint such as smoke or noise, or other matters involving the behavior of residents or guests on the property; please call Security at 808.926.1924.  Security will also be able to help with most other matters.  If they cannot help you, they can call the Resident Manager if they feel he will be able to help.

If you have a matter that you feel Security is not the right point of contact, you can contact the Resident Manager either by email; LiliuokalaniRM@gmail.com or by calling; 808.926.3636, or by visiting the Resident Manager’s office during office hours; 8-10am and 3-4pm M-F.

Q: What if I have a problem and cannot reach the Resident Manager?

Contact the Security Watchman on duty (24/7/365), he will either help you with your problem or find a way to contact the Resident Manager if deemed necessary.  Security can be contacted by calling; 808.926.1924, or you can simply go out to the Security Guard House where you will often find the Security Watchman on duty.

Q: What if I lock myself out of my apartment?

Some apartment owners choose to leave a key with the Resident Manager for use in the event of such emergencies.  If you have left a spare key with the Resident Manager, then you can contact Security 24/7 to get your key (Security: 926-1924).

If you have not left a key with the Resident Manager, if you are a tenant, please contact your property manager. 

If the above two options are not possible, we recommend you contact a locksmith to help you get into your unit.  A couple locksmiths that are sometimes called by our residents in such cases are:

  • Billy at Gem Key Locksmith Service C: 808.285.5839
  • Jason at ABCO Lock & Key C: 808.779.4422

Q: How can I get my Air Conditioner Serviced?

At this time, the Liliuokalani Gardens provides complimentary air conditioner servicing which includes a complete cleaning of the inside of the AC cabinet, a new filter, anti-bacterial/algae growth treatment, and inspection and clearing of the drain pan outlet.

Complimentary service is available on a specific day approximately every 3-months.  Please check the main menu heading; “CALENDAR” on the website for the date that your floor will be having complimentary AC service.  Click on the date and click on BOOK NOW.  Note that you must be home (or have left us with a key) when the Service Technician is on your floor.  If you miss the service, then AC service can be ordered for Fridays for $20 which roughly equates to the cost of the materials used.

To arrange for either inspection or service, please go to “Requests” and “Air Conditioner Service Request” you can also contact the Resident Manager’s office by emailing; liliuokalaniOffice@gmail.com or calling 808.926.3636.

Q: Is WIFI avialable in the common areas at LG?

Yes, we offer free WIFI in both tower lobbies and throughout the majority of the outdoor common areas.

Look for the WIFI Network called LGGUEST… and login using the password:  LG300385

Q: How can I get my unit fumigated to control insect (e.g. cockroach) infestation?

Once every quarter, Terminix offers a fumigation service that costs only $26.17.  Watch for the announcement under “Announcements” or check the “Calendar”.  You can signup under “Requests” and “Pest Control Signup Sheet”.  We also typically put a notice by the elevator.  If you have any further questions, contact the Resident Manager’s office at 808.926.3636.

Q: What do I do if I recieved a Citation with a Fine?

If you have received a Citation with a Fine, it would be due to a lack of action or response to earlier warnings and citations delivered due to repeated violation of a particular House Rule.

It’s not always easy to coexist harmoniously in a densely populated condominium community, but we ask all our residents to try.  Sometimes compromise is necessary to get along with one’s neighbors in an environment such as ours.  If you have received a fine, it may be because we see no evidence that you are making a genuine, good-faith effort to abide by our House Rules and/or get along with your neighbors.

If you are confused by the fine, or feel that you have been unjustly fined, you may call the Resident Manager’s office at 808.926.3636 to discuss the matter.

Payment of all fines is due within 7 days.  You can drop off a check made out to the “Liliuokalani Gardens AOAO” to the Resident Manager’s office or mail the check to the Resident Manager’s office, or just pay online through this website (go to “Pay Bills” then “Other”).

Fines to tenants that are not paid within 7 days are sent to the responsible property management company or unit owner (landlord) for payment.  Fines levied upon owners that are not paid with 7 days will be followed up with a reminder and if still not paid, could be subject to additional fines and further action.



Q: I received a Citation from the Security team, what do I need to do?

If one of the Security Watchmen left a citation on your door or your vehicle, it is likely because you violated some House Rule.  You should be sure that you familiarize yourself with our House Rules.  You can download a copy of the House Rules from the website Resource Center.  The only response required of you to a warning citation is to understand what the violation was, and make your best effort to avoid such violations in the future.  Citations are entered into the Security log.  Repeat violations of the House Rules subject the resident to the possibility of fines.

If you recieve a citation that includes a fine, it would most likely be because you have previously received a previous warning, or the Security Watchman feels that you are knowingly disregarding the rules and not making a good-faith effort to abide by them.


Q: Are pets allowed at Liliuokalani Gardens?

No, Lili’uokalani Gardens is a No Pet property, pets are not allowed.  Any animals you see on the grounds of Lili’uokalani Gardens are registered Assistance Animals (such as Service Animals or Emotional Support Animals).  Ownership of such animals, even on pet-free properties, is protected under the Fair Housing Laws of the State of Hawaii.

Note that falsification of emotional disability status in order to obtain the required documentation for an ESA is a misdemeanor in the State of Hawaii.

All requests for accommodation to have an emotional support animal or service animal at Liliuokalani Gardens is subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors.

Anyone residing at Lili’uokalani Gardens must register their ESA or Service Animal within 48 hours of arriving on the property and follow all house rules applicable to animal ownership.

Q: I would like to do some renovations. What is required?

Painting, installation of fixtures, plumbing, installation of new carpeting, and other minor repairs do not require the approval of the office.

Demolition work (e.g. removing cabinetry to replace it, changing walls, moving fire safety equipment, installing hard flooring, re-routing of electrical or plumbing all require approval prior to the initiation of work.

If you are planning any renovations that require approval, Please download the necssary forms from the website’s “Resource Center”, or come to the office to pick up the forms.  This will help insure an uninterrupted project that meets all the requirements and conforms with the House Rules.

Even if you anticipate some minor remodeling that does not require approval, it is important that you check the House Rules to find out the requirements and restrictions regarding having contractors on the premises performing work.


Q: When moving in, what utility companies do I need to call?

If you own the unit or you are a tenant where utilities are not included in your rent, then you will need to call at least Hawaiian Electric Company aka HECO (at HawaiianElectric.com or call 808.548.7311 7:30am to 6:pm) to set up service.

Upgraded cable TV service comes complementary at Lili’uokalani Gardens.  Your service includes; basic cable (12K channels), along with Free HD TV, DVR (300+ channels) and Starz, Encore & Epix.  Also included is Ultra Internet with a speed of 400/20 Mbps including a modem and a router.    Contact Spectrum at 866.550.3211 to start your service or add extra options.

Q: What things can be accomplished through the website?

  • Learn about Lili’uokalani Gardens “ABOUT”
  • Get to know the Board, the Staff and Other Residents “MEET”
  • Access lots of information and download various forms “RESOURCE CENTER”
  • Pay for various services etc. by credit or debit card “PAY BILLS”
  • Reserve a tennis court time, reserve the pool pavilion or reserve BBQ #5 or reserve an elevator for moving bulky items in.
  • Book complimentary air conditioner service (see “CALENDAR”).
  • Request other services or provide required information using online forms “REQUESTS”
  • Read current Announcements “ANNOUNCEMENTS”
  • Get Answers to common questions.
  • etc.

Q: What is the cost for parking?

Your first parking stall is $300/year or $200/quarter.   For those who have a second parking stall, the cost is $800/year or $300/quarter.

Overnight parking (up to 24-hours) is available for $10/24-hour period.  The minimum purchase is a set of 5 overnight coupons for $50.  Please see the Security Guard House to purchase your coupons.

Q: What is the cost for storage?

There are three different sizes and configuations of storage space available.  There is generally one large storage closet available at the end of each hallway in the Queen Tower and in the King Tower up through the 16th floor.  The approximate dimensions are 5’x7′.  Large closets are available for $1,585/year or $435/quarter.

Small double-door closets are available in the King Tower from the 17th floor to the 25th floor.  These small closets measure:  16″x48″ and cost $275/year.

There are also approximately 40 storage lockers available in a locker room on the 2nd floor of the Queen Tower.  The dimensions of these spaces are generally; 29″x27″ and the cost is $275/year.

Q: Is my payment good for a year or just until December 31st?

Payments for parking, storage, bicycle & surfboard storage, lockboxes, etc., are through the calendar year – through December 31st of the current year.  Even if you pay the full price (e.g. $280 for annual parking) halfway through the year, you are only paying through December 31st.  You will need to pay again on January 1st for the next calendar year.

Prorated refunds are not available for those leaving the property prior to December 31st.

Q: Is parking available for motorcycles or mopeds?

Motorcycles and mopeds may be parked in the same stall with your automobile if you wish.  However (depending on space) we have alternative parking available for both motorcycles in the garage B-E levels and for mopeds adjacent to the bike cage on the ground level.  Parking for motorcycles is $260/year or $90/quarter.  Parking for mopeds is $75/year.

Q: Where can I store a lockbox with a spare key?

You may place a lockbox on your own door knob.  If you wish to place your lockbox in the parking garage on special bars afixed to the bike-cage fence.  All lockboxes hung in the garage must be registered.  The fee to register is $25/year.  You will be issued a sticker upon registration which should be afixed to the bottom of the lockbox.

Any unregistered lockboxes will be removed and disposed of.

Q: What is the cost if the building management needs to enter my unit?

If there is a leak, other suspected risk including a potential health emergency that causes building management to feel that they need to enter your unit right away, and you are not available, the building will use a key if you have left one one hand in the office.  If a key is not available and a locksmith needs to be called, then we will bill you $150 for the cost of entering your unit using a locksmith.

Q: What do I do if I have a drain clog?

The LG AOAO will resolve any clogs that are deemed to be in the common plumbing (drain lines servicing two or more apartments.  

Q: Is there a time limit on spa use?

When no one is waiting there is no limit to the amount of time you can enjoy the spa.  If high demand has people waiting to get in, then we recommend that the person who has been in the longest, limit any additional time spent to 10 minutes.  It’s always nice to share and give everyone a chance to enjoy the spa.

Q: Are refunds available if I leave LG?

Payments for services such as parking, storage closets, bike or surfboard storage, lockboxes, etc. are through December 31st of the current year.  No prorated refunds for early departure are available.

Q: How can I book my free AC service?

Go to the website (www.LiliuokalaniGardensWaikiki.com), then click on the menu heading “CALENDAR”.  Find the date of service for your floor, then click on that event, then click on BOOK NOW and fill out the form.  If you have not provided us with a key and given us specific instructions to enter to service your AC, then you need to have someone there to let the Service Technician in when they are on your floor.

If you miss the service then you can order AC service on Fridays for a $20 fee.  For Friday service just fill out the request online (under “Requests” or call the office at 926-3636.

Q: Where can I read the House Rules?

Go to the website (www.LiliuokalaniGardensWaikiki.com), If not already registered, go to MEMBER AREA in the upper right corner, then REGISTER.  Within 24 hours you will be approved if you are a registered resident.  

Once registered to use the website, go to RESOURCE CENTER then HOUSE RULES AND BYLAWS.  Click on HOUSE RULES.

Or click here: HOUSE RULES